fredag 29 januari 2010

Dancing with the stars

Also in Israel , there is "dancing with the stars" "Rokdim im Kochavim". This year, with mizrahi singer Moshe Peretz and arab-israeli singer and actress Mira Awad. Mira Awad has participated in Eurovision 2009 and also starred in Eytan Fox's "The Bubble" and wrote songs for the internationaly known movie "Lemon Tree". In 2009 she released an album in Arabic in Israel "Bahlawan".It became one of the best-selling albums on the internet in Israel in 2009. Now she is immensely popular in the "Rokdim im Kochavim", both by the jury in the program and among the web voters on Reshets website.
Previously, she was one of the pioneers of the Arab actoresses and actors who appeared in the Arab comedy series "Arabic Labor" in which she played an Arab woman who was in love with a jewish man. The entire show can be viewed on the internet from Reshets website. You really can not help but be affected by Mira's contagious positive impression and spontaneous warmth. To understand why there is a conflict between Arabs and Jews is so strange when you see how good the atmosphere is between Mira and her Jewish dance partner Dani Yurtman.

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