tisdag 2 februari 2010

Israeli europop becoming popular in Israel

It all started a few years back with Hovevey Zion's version of Boten Anna, a Swedish euro pop song with kind of nerdy lyrics in it's original language. Somehow this song travelled over the internet to Israel where it became a hugher hit than ever in its orginal state and original country.
The Israeli duo Hovevey Zion consisting of Noy Alooshe and DJ Dor Dekel formed the " europ pop/dance band "Hovevey Zion" and wrote some funny hebrew lyrics to the song that became "Rotse Banot" ("I want girls"). The hit was on TV-shows and a lot of people copied the song in so many ways.

Now another band has huge success in Israel.The amazing Maze. The song of the summer 2009 must undoubtly have been "After Basdinim" (" a leave from army spent in the sheets"). The song catched the same kind of summery feeling as Rotse Banot did but unlike that song this is an original israeli euro pop hit. And it came with a video (see below). The song generated a gold record for over 100 000 downloads of the song using mobile.
Now the band is soon releasing a new hit video for a duet that has been around for a while. The song is "Nogaat Bi" ("You touch me").

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