onsdag 24 november 2010

Ololo - Shlomi Saranga

Shlomi Saranga is an Israeli mizrahi singer (eastern/oriental style) often singing in a greek style. Here he breaks into the old Egyptian style covering one of the Arab Worlds most famous songs and most famous singers, Abdel Halim Hafez. Teh refrain is kept in original arabic while the main lyrics is in hebrew but follows the old arabic way of singing lyrics addressing the singers lover as a male
example "reveal to him, tell him he is the one in my heart". The song is recorded by this israelis artist together with a real arabic orchestra and with some of the musicans that has played with the original singer Abdel Halim Hafez whose love life was as as sad as this song since he could never marry the love of his life due to the family of the girl he loved did not accept him. When they finally did accept him she was already ill and died very quickly.

This song is not entirely new to the Israelis as it was featured in an israeli comedy show, performed in arabic. I will give you both of the clips here

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