torsdag 15 juli 2010

Soulico feat Axum: A new guy comes to the neighborhood

Hip hop reaggae duo Axum is doing a cover produced by Soulico. The israeli duo has yemenite and etiopian jewish roots and is one of the leading israeli hip hop/rap/reaggae groups in Israel.
The story in the song is about a new guy who is moving into the neighborhood originally sung by composer Alon Olearchik even though he meant it to be sung by Ofra Haza.

This coming season 2 of Avoda Aravit ("Arabic Labor") will feature the song. Maybe the clip tells something about what will happen in the first episode? Anyway exciting. On July 17 is the release date for season 2 in Israeli Channel 2. Prime time!
The series is the first arabic sitcom on mainstream Israeli TV and last season even made the US chief of Foreign Affairs mrs Hillary Clinton ask for a copy during a visit to Israel. On July 28 the arab-israeli writer of the show, Sayed Kashua, will receive "San Fransisco Jewish Film Festivals Freedom of Expression Award", SFJFF reporting on their website.

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