torsdag 23 december 2010

Israel is "stealing" arab music

Is the statement above a sign of israelophobia? Yes clearly it is I argue.
On the internet arab bloggers and composers are mad of Israel because of Israeli artists are "stealing" their music. Instead of thinking of it as a an israeli tribute to arab music and an act of antiracism the Egyptian composer and artist Amr Mustafa chose to view it as stealing. In Youtube there are several israeli tributes to arab music labelled as "zionists stealing" arab music. However Amr Mustafa only mention Israeli artists buying copyright from Egyptian music companies but not the turkish and lebanese and greeks aswell copy egyptian music and Egyptian copying Turkish music.
This approach to israeli cultures use of the middle eastern herritage is something I faced myself when I once played an israeli mizrahi song with a traditional oriental style. An arab then commented and asked what language it was sung in. I told him that it is in Hebrew and Arabic and it was Israeli artists performing the song. His instant reaction was that it was stealing arab music,however that song was purely original israeli (Ishtar - Yahad).
Why this sentiment that a love for the culture is stealing and why this only is
referred to when it comes to Israel?
A little bit more of Arab composers "stealing" israeli compositions maybe would
contribute to peace.
Below Eti Bitton's interpretation of one of Amr Mustafas hit songs:
A chinese proverb - Eti Biton

Amr Mustafa about copyright (in Arabic):

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