tisdag 14 februari 2012

Arab Comedy is back to make you laugh

Amjad is an arab man trying his best to deliver a message of peace and coexistence between Arabs and Jews in Israel fighting prejudices on both the jewish side aswell as from the arab side of the society...and it creates some funny moments of laugh...
In this opening episode of the third season of the successful comedy Amjad gets a great idea how to deliver peace between arabs and jews...he will join Big Brother...pretending to be a jew...LINK above in grey
Arab Labor is a sitcom television series, produced in Israel. The series which premiered on Keshet Channel 2 in Israel in 2007 and on Link TV in the Fall of 2008, was created by Sayed Kashua and it was the most popular comedy drama show in Israel 2011! It is even said miss Hillary Clinton is a fan of the series!

The series (whose title in colloquial Hebrew carries the implication of “shoddy or second-rate work,”) focused on the family and work situations, of Amjad, a Palestinian journalist and Israeli citizen. Much of the comedy is derived from the paradox of Amjad's love-hate relationship with his Arab identity and his simultaneous wish to integrate comfortably into Israeli society.
(note the episodes are subtitled in arabic only - not in English)

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