torsdag 23 februari 2012

Iranian music hits Israel big!

Totally fantastic feeling...The once unlikely combination of Israeli culture and Iranian melting together not many exspected I guess. Nevertheless it works and it works well.
Rita, israeli singer with origin also in pre-islamistic Iran has sold gold with her persian album "My Joys". A very limited numbers of shows have taken place and you may see parts of the live show here. The demand from abroad especially from Iran and Iranians in exile for Ritas music has increased sine the new album was released. As a result Rita has now updated her website so that people outside Israel may download her new album aswell. Rita is truely one of many bridges between Israel and those considered hostile to the Jewish Democratic State of Israel. And obviously the hostility Irans Ahmadinejad feels for Israel is apparently not met with the same feelings back from the multicultural melting pot that is the israeli people.

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