torsdag 7 juni 2012

Chen and Yana allowed to dance together in Israel

The song name is Asor ("Forbidden"). But there is nothing forbidden going on in the video. Not in this country anyhow. Not in Israel.
This video has been around now for a while. Chen Aharoni is one of few israeli artists that still perform modern uptempo  music and he has never fallen into the mizrahi field though he is mizrahi jew. I really think he deserves better success even internationally. Chen is a pop star for international release. On the other hand I am glad he sticks to hebrew because the language is so nice to listen to rather than English.

This video is not particularly interesting the way it is made but a cool thing is that a member of "Big Brother Israel" of 2012 is dancing with Chen in the video. Her name is Yana Yosef and her mother is a muslim. Kol ha Kavod to Chen for this video and this tune!

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