torsdag 7 juni 2012

Ishtar and Kobi Peretz new FRESH arabohebrew love hit

Ishtar Alabina and Kobi Peretz have just released their first music video together.
The words are in hebrew and arabic as their last song that went an international hit, Yachad ("Together") and for which they received an award for in New York for best duet at Big Apple Awards.
This new song is produced in the same typical mizrahi manner as Yachad and speaks of course of love.
I just wonder where you can find such a house in the desert as in this video? The house more let me think of a house in the Caribbean than in the Negev. The song is featured on Kobi Peretz album  "Katuv Bashamaim"("Written in the Sky"). Ishtar is CURRENTLY working on releasing a new album for the world.

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